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Born in Tirana, Albania, Altin Rizi is a lifelong visual artist known for his abstract and figurative expressionist work in mixed media, including paintings, sculptures, mosaics, wood carvings and more. ​ From the moment he picked up paintbrushes as a mere baby, Altin’s natural talents were quickly recognized. At only 10 years old, group exhibitions featured his work, and he won the Gold Award for his pastel painting at the 16th International Children’s Arts Festival in Tokyo. Since then, he has continued to exhibit his work all over the world, including Athens, Greece, Milan, Italy, Paris, France and, most recently, New York City. Altin graduated high school and the Academy of Fine Arts in Albania with diplomas in Painting and Graphic Design. He then pursued his Masters in Plastic Arts at Paris 8 in France.

Since graduating, his murals, woodcarvings, mosaics and sculptures have been commissioned by both individual and commercial entities. He was also the visionary and lead project developer for the 4,000 square foot Minoan Mythological Park that he envisioned and created in Crete, Greece. Since landing in New York City, Altin has focused on restoring and renovated homes and restaurants in New York City, most recently for Lura Restaurant on the Upper West Side.

The Albanian people and landscape remain Altin’s primary influences. Whether it is a hand-carved wood pen, or a detailed line drawing, or a 50-foot long mural, Altin doesn’t consider himself one style of artist. Instead, he considers himself a storyteller, acting as a vessel for ideas to manifest themselves into forms, shapes and textures. He is passionate about the physical act of creating art and finding ways to stay within the limits of space -- but taking the ideas to limitless heights.

Altin Rizi